Women left in hysterics at McDonald’s worker’s “stern” response at drive-thru


The real tragedy of our time is McDonald’s having no option to serve people who are on foot or travelling by bike at a drive-thru.

Out of hours, it really limits your option to delivery unless you have access to a car (or know someone with one who is willing to drive.)

Obviously, we’re kidding, but there are a LOT of videos of gutted people trying their best to buy some delicious fries and nuggets, only to be turned away.

But one McDonald’s workers “stern” response to two women who chanced their hand at the drive-thru while on foot left people in stitches.

Leaving no room for doubt, the worker sets the scene within seconds of one of the women walking up to the intercom.

She sternly says: “Absolutely not, I cannot take your order. Absolutely not,” and the women break down in hysterics.

The video of the hilarious moment has been viewed more than 650,000 times since being shared on TikTok.

Lots of people were impressed by the woman’s quick response.

One fellow worker commented: “We can see you all on camera so I can imagine how hilarious that is lmao.”

Another viewer joked: “Am I the only one that hears ‘absolutely McNot?'”

A third added: “She was so ready for you hahhaha.”

Another added: “She is not having it at ALL. So stern.”

Meanwhile, others weren’t impressed to hear that they can see you while you’re ordering food.